NHC Equipment Exchange


In an effort to help newcomers to the sport the Nazareth Hockey Club offers the Nazareth Ice Hockey Team Equipment Exchange to share used sports gear.


This free program targets new players to help reduce the cost of purchasing equipment without knowing if your child likes the sport.


Over the last few years equipment donations have been collected from both previous families of players and outside people. This equipment is used for anyone new to the club or just in the need to borrow something outgrown at mid-season. New Registered Parents can just reach out to the club by email prior to the start of the season at the following email: nazhockeyboard@gmail.com.


Let us know what you need. In the past it has not been unusual to be able to provide some players with everything. Active players may outgrow a piece of equipment mid-season. Again, just reach out to us and we will do our best to supply the next needed size.


Please Note: The only equipment we don’t provide is a helmet.


As your son or daughter learn to love the game of hockey – all we ask is that you too will consider to donate your used equipment back to the club for future little DREAMERS.


Nazareth Ice Hockey Club 2016-2017