1. What Teams do you have?

We will try to field the following teams:

Developmental – K through 2nd grades

Youth – 3rd though 5th grades

Middle School – 6th through 8th grades

Junior Varsity – 9th and 10th

Varsity – 11th and 12th

Players may be moved up or down a level based on ability.

If we have too many kids for one team at a level we will attempt to field two teams.

We can enter as many teams in the league as we wish.



2. How long is the season?

Practices Start in September and run through February.

Practices are typically 1hour, 1 day per week, always on Sunday.

Sunday afternoons (@ The Rink at Lehigh Valley) early in the season (Oct - Nov) and Sunday Mornings (@ Illicks Mill Bethlehem Municipal Ice later in the season (Dec - Feb)

Youth and MS games start in November and are on weekends (Saturday or Sunday).

JV and Varsity games start in October and are during the week.

There will be 1 game per week at all levels.



3. Where are the games and how many are there?

Most games are at The Rink on Macarthur Road with a few at the Bethlehem Steel Ice Center.

Development - 10 Games (In-House League at The Rink at Lehigh Valley)

Youth – 12 Games

MS – 14 Games

JV and Varsity - 18 Games



4. Does this interfere with other sports?

In most instances this does not interfere with other sports.

At the Youth and MS levels all games and practices are on the weekend.

The league is perfect for multi sport athletes.

This is the right fit for those who can’t make the commitment to a full travel program or play other sports.

This is also a good opportunity for travel players to get extra ice time and represent their school.



5. Is there a lot of hitting and contact?

At the Youth and Developmental league games are non contact. No Checking allowed.

In middle School - No checking allowed.



6. What experience is required?

For the Developmental team no prior experience is required.

Knowing how to skate is a plus.

For the Youth team basic skating proficiency is necessary.

Knowing game situations is a plus.

For the MS team you should know how to skate and have some basics down around stick handling and shooting.

For Varsity and JV you need to know how to play.



7. What equipment is required?

Equipment required is governed by USA Hockey rules and includes:

  • Helmet with face mask
  • Mouth guard
  • Shoulder pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Gloves
  • Pants
  • Cup
  • Shin guards
  • Skates
  • Stick



8. What are the per player costs?

Costs depend on league fees and the number of players signed up per team.

Estimated fees are: (Subject to change each year)

Devlopment and Youth - between $300 to $400

MS - $550

JV - $700

VS - $725



9. What are the equipment costs?

Players can spend anywhere from $200 to $600 depending on quality.

New Youth and MS players are encouraged to contact the club.

Equipment is available for loan.

Nazareth Ice Hockey Jerseys cost $55 each.

At the Youth & Development level one uniform is required.

From MS through Varsity a player needs (2) a home and away uniform.

This is often a one time cost as jerseys can last years.



10. How can I reduce my costs?

Work with club coaches to purchase used equipment.

Siblings get a discount.

Help the club organize fundraisers.

Help recruit more players. The more players we have the less each individual has to pay.

Nazareth Ice Hockey Club 2016-2017