Joshua Kortze



The Kortze family is honored to donate Joshua Kortze’s hockey equipment to the Nazareth Hockey Club. Joshua played goalie in ice hockey at Nazareth in Junior High School under Lynn Dautrich and in High School under Mike Rohrer. He continued to play goalie in ice hockey in college at Kutztown, while earning his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and at Lehigh University, while earning his Master’s in Political Science. He had hoped to also play at Binghamton University where he was pursuing his PhD. He enjoyed attending hockey camps in Hershey and Penn State to refine his skills and to watch his favorite teams, the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Wilkes Barre Penguins, whenever possible. Joshua loved the game and would have wanted others to have the opportunity to play. By donating his equipment, we know others will have this opportunity. Joshua passed away January 27, 2013 due to a car accident.

Nazareth Ice Hockey Club 2016-2017